Mercedes-Benz says electric cars are technologically superior to e-fuel burning cars

Mercedes-Benz believes that pure electric vehicles are technically superior to internal combustion engine-powered vehicles that meet e-fuel standards. The German luxury car brand’s comments come as the European Union proposes to allow cars powered by internal combustion engines to be sold and driven on the continent after 2035, provided they run on e-fuels. Automotive News reports that Mercedes-Benz has further stated that it still favors pure electric vehicles over internal combustion engine vehicles.

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April 27, 2023 at 9:09 am

Mercedes-Benz will continue to sell cars powered by internal combustion engines, but will increasingly focus on electric vehicles.

The luxury car brand claims to have said it will focus on electric vehicles because it finds them to be technologically superior to internal combustion engines, even if they run on e-fuels. Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kalleniues has said that electric powertrains are still a young technology compared with internal combustion engines. “We still see a huge potential for progress: before the end of the decade, electric drives will outperform internal combustion engines in terms of performance,” he added.

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The Mercedes-Benz chief executive also said that while the company will continue to sell vehicles powered by internal combustion engines in the future, it will increasingly focus on developing more efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz boss also said it would develop electric vehicle architectures and adapt them to combustion engines when the case becomes a business case, as the brand aims to become carbon neutral by 2039.

The report further stated that the luxury automaker intends to continue to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines and meet new stringent Euro 7 emission standards. However, by around the middle of this century, companies will reduce their investment in internal combustion engines by as much as 80% compared to today. China will likely remain the last major market for combustion engine cars, but they will only be sold as plug-in hybrids.

First published date: April 27, 2023 at 09:09 AM CST

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