Most drivers want dash cams to be standard equipment

A survey of drivers found that the vast majority of those who own dash cams believe the recording device should come as standard equipment.

About 91% of respondents to compare Believe that the camera should be installed on the factory new car.

Only 18% of UK drivers currently own a dashcam, with 12% using the footage as part of an insurance claim.

However, the use of dash cams appears set to increase, as it has become an important part of investigations by insurance companies and police.

extra layer of protection

Standard accessories of driving recorder

While dash cam adoption is currently low, 82% of people without dash cams would change their minds if their insurance costs were reduced.

Ryan Fulthorpe, car expert at Go Compare, said: “Dashcams provide an excellent level of safety for drivers, knowing that if an accident happens on the road, they will have proof of what happened and they won’t be blamed if it does happen. It’s not their fault.

“This video was especially helpful in resolving insurance claims and was therefore welcomed by many providers.”

An increasing number of drivers are also submitting dashcam evidence to police, an increase of 185 per cent over the past three years.

Combined method of driving recorder

Standard accessories of driving recorder

The National Dashcam Security Portal (NDSP) offers a simplified way to upload videos of bad driving and auto crime. Only 55,000 dangerous driving incidents have been reported since 2020.

Certain police forces have seen a huge increase in the amount of shared dash cam footage. Northumbria Police received 14,000 submissions over the past three years, and West Midlands Police received 12,500 footage.

Bryn Brooker of dash cam maker Nextbase said: “Dash cams have been the fastest growing category of consumer tech over the past three years. In the early days, they were mostly bought by men over the age of 40, but they benefit all drivers, and we see to more and more women and young drivers realizing the benefits of owning them.”

Regarding the increase in dashcam submissions to the police, Brooke noted: “The increase in submissions stems from a number of factors, primarily the increased use of dashcams and the fact that more police forces have banded together to accept dashcam footage from national dashcams. Logger Security Portal.”

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Most drivers want dash cams to be standard equipment

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