Motorists spend three hours a year defrosting car windshields

Skoda research has revealed how much time UK drivers lose each year defrosting their car windscreens.

A survey of 2,000 drivers found that the average motorist spends more than three hours a year defrosting their car.

More than a third (35%) took five to seven minutes per thaw. Unfortunately, 13% of motorists took 8 to 10 minutes to clear ice from their screens.

Applied to the total UK car fleet of 40.8 million, this means motorists could lose 337 years to deicing.


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When it comes to de-icing methods, nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents prefer to use the car’s heating system.

More than half (57%) use ice scrapers, while 13% admit to using a credit or debit card for the job. Worryingly, 15 per cent said they use boiling water to remove ice – which has the potential to seriously damage the windshield.

About 76 percent of respondents said they would turn their car engine on and keep it running to help with defrosting.

However, just over half (51%) were unaware that they could be fined £80 if they parked their car on a public motorway.

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uk thaw time

The Skoda survey also highlights that 74% of drivers are unaware that electric cars can be “pre-conditioned” to clear the windscreen ahead of time.

Skoda highlighted how its Enyaq iV electric SUV can be pre-conditioned remotely using the Skoda Connect app or via the infotainment system. This allows the Enyaq’s cabin to be heated to a set temperature and the windscreen to be defrosted, ready for the selected departure time.

Using preprocessing can save drivers up to 10 minutes per day. However, Skoda still provides the Enyaq with an ice scraper mounted inside the tailgate, just in case…

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Motorists spend three hours a year defrosting their car windscreen

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