NASA takes delivery of three electric vans to ferry astronauts to launch pad


NASA has taken delivery of three Canoo electric vans tasked with transporting astronauts from their respective quarters to the launch pad area ahead of the crucial Artemis mission to the moon. Canoo is an electric vehicle manufacturing company headquartered in Detroit with a production facility in Justin, Texas.

The Canoo all-electric people transport vehicle was specially designed with input from NASA.

While Canoo offers a number of utility-based electric vans to a broad range of customers, the units offered to NASA are special and exclusive. The Crew Transport Vehicle (CTV) was designed with input from NASA. According to reports, the cabin space has been of particular concern because the astronauts transported in the cabin wear special space survival suits.

Canoo CTV is capable of transporting four astronauts at a time. There’s also a special area inside the electric car to store equipment, while also providing space for support technicians on launch day.

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But beyond cabin space details, NASA said there was also an exchange on the aesthetics of the CTVs, which now replace the Astrovans that have been transporting astronauts on launch days since 1984. “We’re excited to be a part of the Artemis mission as we work to deliver NASA’s first zero-emission mission crew transport vehicle,” said Canoo CEO Tony Aquila. “It’s a very proud day for Canoo and all of our partners who work so hard to make sure we fulfill our role of transporting astronauts for the first nine miles of every launch.” “

Canoo’s electric CTV will be deployed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, tasked with transporting astronauts on the crucial Artemis 2 mission in November 2024.

First published date: Jul 13, 2023 09:18 AM EST

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