New Audi comes with YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and other apps

Audi has announced a major update to its in-car MMI infotainment system, including a brand new app store.

The app store will be launched in summer 2023, when Audi owners will be able to download a host of new apps.

This change means that third-party applications can be installed directly into the MMI system without the need for a smartphone.

Audi MMI infotainment app store

A variety of different app categories will be available at launch, including music, navigation, parking, weather, and productivity. Music options, for example, include big-name apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Tidal.

Jonathan Tarlton, Spotify’s head of business development, said the new platform means “Spotify now feels like it’s built seamlessly into the car. Whether it’s your favorite song, podcast or audiobook, our listeners can now enjoy a way to soundtrack their journey”.

TikTok will also be one of the apps available for download. It follows news that the upcoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class will integrate the infamous social media app into its infotainment system.

Other apps Audi drivers can use include YouTube, The Weather Channel, Webex teleconferencing and Vivaldi opens the web browser.

First Audi, then Volkswagen

Audi MMI infotainment app store

The new infotainment system update was developed by Cariad, the Volkswagen Group’s independent automotive software company.

From June 2023, the Audi A3, A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, A8, Q8 e-tron and E-tron GT will be the first models to receive the updated technology. It will expand to the rest of Audi’s model range later this year, with other cars from the Volkswagen Group to follow.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users needn’t worry, though. Audi says it will continue to support those who prefer mirroring apps with smartphone integration.

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New Audis to feature YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and other apps

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