New campaign highlights hazards of HGV blind spots

A new National Highways campaign aims to raise awareness of how drivers can stay safe around heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

A recent survey highlighted that more than a third (36%) of motorists are unaware of how many blind spots an HGV has.

The same percentage (36%) also said they often felt nervous when overtaking.

How to stay safe when overtaking

National Highway HGV Safety Campaign

National Highways has partnered with transport industry representatives on a new safety campaign aimed at keeping car and van drivers safe around HGVs.

It includes the following key information:

  • Maintain Visibility – The HGV has four large blind spots at the front, rear and sides. Drivers should not linger in these areas to avoid putting themselves at risk.
  • Be careful overtaking HGVs and make sure they have enough room to pass longer vehicles safely.
  • Do not tailgate the HGV as the driver cannot see you in the rearview mirror. Taking a step back also gives you a better understanding of the road ahead.

Jeremy Phillips, head of road safety at National Highways, said: “Our advice to motorists who are overtaking HGVs is simple; avoid following an HGV when considering overtaking maneuvers, do so quickly and safely Do, to avoid staying in areas of limited visibility.”

Give HGV space

National Highway HGV Safety Campaign

The National Road Campaign has the support of Shannan Paterson, backed by major transport companies.rose to fame as a BBC star truck queen In the documentary, the 28-year-old driver is passionate about raising awareness about road safety issues.

“Driving a truck is very different than driving a car,” Patterson said. “You can’t see anything but the trailer. Your only view is in front of you and in your rearview mirror. You don’t know if someone is right behind you.” , they also can’t see what’s in front of your HGV, or if you have to brake hard for any reason.

“If someone is pulling in front of the HGV without leaving enough space, the truck driver may not be able to see them at all in the blind spot below the cab and therefore not be able to properly judge their stopping distance.”

She added: “I am all for the National Highway campaign and would encourage drivers to give space to HGVs. You have to be heavily trained to drive a truck legally, but even a professional driver has no way of knowing someone is in one of their blind spots.”

this National Road Sports It will be shown on TV, radio, social media and posters across the country.

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New campaign to highlight HGV blind-spot dangers

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