New EA Sports F1 23 racing game review

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

The latest Formula 1 world championship has been somewhat predictable thanks to Max Verstappen’s continued dominance.So if you want to rewrite the record books this year, ask EA Sports F1 23.

The new official Formula 1 video game is out now for Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Windows PC.

Is it worthwhile from EA Sports F1 22, released less than 12 months ago? Let’s find out…

Las Vegas, baby!

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

It’s hard to miss the hype surrounding the addition of the Las Vegas street circuit to the 2023 Formula 1 calendar.While the actual competition won’t take place until November of this year, the F1 23 New neon tracks can be explored instantly.

EA Sports has also finally added Qatar’s Losail International Circuit to its track selection after using it for the first time for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Spain’s recently revamped Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is also included, along with changes to Austria’s Red Bull Circuit. Jeddah, Zandvoort, Miami and Baku saw minor adjustments such as new curbs or extended stands.

As you’d expect, all the latest car designs and liveries for the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship are immediately available.

break the limit again

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

people who have played F1 21 The game remembers the Braking Point interactive story mode. While not featured in last year’s game, it will return in 2023.

In Braking Point 2, the protagonists of the original story, Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, return. This time around, they’re placed in a fictional Konnersport Formula 1 team and challenged to become teammates and drive brand new gear.

They were joined by Callie Mayer, the first woman to win a Formula Two championship. EA Sports teamed up with three-time W-Series champion Jamie Chadwick for her unique insight.

prove a point

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

Braking Point’s gameplay focuses on scenarios during the 2022 and 2023 seasons, often seeing players caught up in a game with goals.

Off the track, media interviews, social media posts and even team management decisions are covered. It does provide a useful introduction for those new to the game of Formula 1, but the scripted plot can be difficult to follow.

Inclusion of a female Braking Point character marks an important step F1 franchise, even more so after the W-Series went into administration earlier this month.

Precision grinding

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

EA Sports is particularly proud of the new “Precision Drive” feature, which it says improves the experience for users who use game controllers. Typically, using a controller is considered less immersive than a full-feedback steering wheel and more suitable for casual gamers.

Earlier F1 The game makes using the controller tricky.In our experience, a lot of experimentation with menu settings is required F1 22 Feel confident playing one.

F1 23, however, instantly plays better with a controller. In addition to improving the physics and handling of the car itself, there may be less frustration this time around.

Driven by Fan Feedback

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

As part of developing this year’s game, EA Sports said it has listened to fan feedback on how the game can be improved. F1 Franchise.

red flag return F1 23 The franchise after an astonishing nine-year absence. This makes sense, as they are being used more and more in real-world Formula 1 racing. Both offline and online modes can see races marked in red, usually due to collisions or bad weather.

Other tweaks include a return to the popular 35% race distance, known as the “sweet spot” for combining strategy and race speed.

Includes Graphics Adjustments

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

previous games in F1 Franchises often have spartan-looking graphics that focus on performance rather than detail. Happily, F1 23 There’s been a big boost, with improved color coding and lighting dynamics.

There’s a noticeable difference from last year’s title, which looks most realistic when placed side-by-side F1 game so far.

New on-screen graphics that can be seen while racing are designed to more closely mimic what is seen on television broadcasts. This extends to the battered visuals of the driver mesh that update at the start of each race.

Create your own F1 world

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

Replacing last year’s ‘F1 Life’ social hub is the rebranded ‘F1 World’ F1 23. This allows access to single player and multiplayer racing, and offers fresh daily, weekly and seasonal challenges.

It still allows for a lot of customization, and new F1 world cars that can be developed and enhanced. EA Sports hopes F1 World will appeal to those familiar with other racing games such as GT racing or forza motorsportallowing for more pick-up and play arcade action.

However, the usual option of participating in a full Formula 1 season remains, as does the ability to build your own team and drivers. Added updated real world driver ratings for 2023 to keep the game up to date.

Verdict: EA Sports F1 23

EA Sports F1 2023 Video Game Review

Developing and releasing a new video game in just 12 months always limits the drama of any change.Not only is this a common feature F1 Game franchise, but visible within the wider EA Sports universe.

The addition of new circuitry, along with a really impressive Precision Drive for controller users, does make for an important upgrade F1 23. Bringing back the red flag, a 35% race distance option and a visual upgrade are also notable improvements.

On the other hand, for players who just want to accurately recreate the current Formula 1 season, Braking Point 2 has little appeal.those who bought drive to survive-style drama will love it, but more experienced players may miss it.

By 2023, yes EA Sports F1 23 Better than simply inheriting functionality from previous F1 game. This makes it easier to recommend to both experienced players and newcomers to the virtual Formula 1 world.

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New EA Sports F1 23 racing game review

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