New EV maker mXmoto to launch high-speed e-bike MX9 in India


The Indian auto industry is home to numerous electric two-wheeler players, most of whom are start-ups riding the electric vehicle wave in the country. The latest entrant in the market is mXmoto, which will start its journey in July with the launch of the MX9 electric motorcycle. The bike was designed in Europe by renowned designer and creator Marcello Silva.

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| Updated on: June 26, 2023 at 16:41

The MX9 will be the latest entrant in the electric two-wheeler segment in India

The mXmoto e-bike will feature large 17-inch wheels and a 60 AMP controller with regenerative braking. It helps increase output power by 16% and stimulates the drive system to achieve higher levels of performance.

The MX9 e-bike will be equipped with LifePO4 battery technology, which is said to provide a high level of safety. It will also help improve battery life and extend ride time, proving to be a practical ride for the daily commute or even long distance trips.

The company has a manufacturing facility in Gurgaon with an annual production capacity of 3,000-4,000 electric vehicles. The company plans to gradually roll out more affordable electric scooters in the country. “(The company’s) aim is to bring high-performance electric vehicles to the masses at an affordable price,” said Rajendra Malhotra, managing director of mXmoto.

The MX9 e-bike will be sold across the country through the company’s dealer network and its dedicated showrooms.

First published date: Jun 26, 2023 at 16:41 PM India Standard Time

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