New Hilo One electric scooter designed by Lotus with clever safety tech

Hilo One electric scooter released

British startup Hilo has revealed its flagship electric scooter at the Micromobility Europe event in Amsterdam.

The electric scooter, called Hilo One, features advanced technology and an innovative design aimed at making it safer and easier to use.

Lotus Engineering was involved in designing the scooter, while Hilo itself was co-founded by former Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer.

Safer handling as standard

Hilo One electric scooter launched

Dr Palmer commented: “Electric scooters face safety and public perception challenges. The Hilo One is an electric scooter that addresses these issues head-on. I believe electric scooters have the potential to revolutionize urban mobility. I also understand safety , comfort and the importance of rider experience.”

The Hilo One comes with a large 12.5-inch front wheel to help clear potholes and eliminate some of the tricky handling of electric scooters. Extensive user trials help determine the steering geometry that best inspires confidence.

Central to rider safety is the Hilo One’s lighting system, which is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). This alerts the rider to potential hazards through visual and audible warnings, as well as tactile feedback through the handlebars.

Perimeter lighting helps ensure the Hilo One can be seen at night, a beam of light that makes the scooter appear larger to other road users such as motorists.

Includes in-car compatibility

Hilo One electric scooter launched

Equipped with a 350w electric motor, the Hilo One can reach a top speed of 15.5mph. When fully charged, the electric scooter has a range of up to 25 miles.

Charging can be done at home or via a dedicated car charger. Android Auto compatibility allows navigation and range information to be shared between the car and Hilo One.

Lotus Engineering contributed to the overall design of the Hilo One, including the patent-pending folding system.

This sees the dirty wheels enclosed within the scooter’s body and allows the Hilo One to be carried or turned using the telescoping handle.

Redefine micro travel

Hilo One electric scooter released

Hilo CEO Robin Harris added: “Hilo was founded to address the challenges facing micromobility and electric scooters, such as safety, lack of innovation, and frankly not necessarily all, but most electric scooters look Same.

“We have a progressive vision to redefine safe micromobility, creating class-defining products that utilize the latest AI road scanning technology and perimeter safety lighting. Hilo’s ambitious goal is to create an electric scooter that stands out while being Without compromising safety and the ride experience, this is attractive in an industry that is still in its infancy and is likely to see exponential growth in innovation.”

Prices for the Hilo One are expected to start from £1,750, and interested customers can Book Now. First deliveries are due in the third quarter of 2024. .

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New Hilo One e-scooter is designed by Lotus, with clever safety tech

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