New ‘Sleep Pack’ Turns Your Dacia Jogger Into a Bedroom

Dacia has announced a new options package for the Jogger, which creates a mobile bedroom inside the no-nonsense MPV.

Specifically designed to make the Jogger more suitable for camping trips, the Sleep Pack provides room for two and can be easily installed in minutes.

Dacia introduces a new Extreme trim level in its range with design elements inspired by the great outdoors.

Get a good night’s sleep on a budget

Dacia Extreme and Sleep Package

Available in all trim levels, the Jogger sleep pack is part of the new InNature range for the Renault-owned brand.

Making the bed is a one-person job, but requires removing the Jogger’s third-row seats. The entire package weighs just 50kg and the built-in mattress measures 190cm x 130cm.

After placing the double bed, the Jogger still has 60cm of headroom, Dacia says. There is a 220 liter box under the mattress to store camping supplies.

For those who want more space, Dacia also offers a custom tent that attaches to the tailgate. Blackout shutters can also provide some privacy.

do things to the extreme

Dacia Extreme and Sleep Package

Available on Jogger, Duster and Sandero Stepway models, the new Extreme trim brings an off-road theme to the Dacia range.

The cedar green paint contrasts with the copper brown exterior details, which feature a terrain pattern on the side trim. Gloss black alloy wheels were fitted, along with a black shark fin antenna on the roof.

More coppery browns are found inside, along with a continuation of the topographical pattern. To add some off-road capability, Dacia’s Extended Grip setting for electronic stability control is standard and improves traction on loose surfaces.

Dacia is now accepting orders for its new Extreme model. The Sleep Pack will be available in the second quarter of this year.

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New ‘Sleep Pack’ transforms your Dacia Jogger into a bedroom

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