Next Generation Bullet 350 to Himalayan 450: 5 Royal Enfield Motorcycles Coming Soon


Royal Enfield has become very popular over the past few years. Manufacturers have been expanding at a very high rate with entering different new segments. Royal Enfield has been busy as they plan to launch a motorcycle every quarter. Here are some of the motorcycles that we know are about to launch in the Indian market.

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May 3, 2023 at 9:54 am

Royal Enfield is developing a new range of motorcycles for the Indian market.
Royal Enfield is developing a new range of motorcycles for the Indian market.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

The original Himalayan has come a long way since it first launched in 2016. Now, the brand is working on a more powerful version of the motorcycle. It is expected to be called the Himalaya 450 and will be improved in many ways. It will get dollar forks, a digital gauge console and all LED lighting. Expect the Himalaya 450 to come with tubeless tires as well. The biggest change, however, will be a new 450cc liquid-cooled engine. Power output is expected to be around 40-45 bhp with a peak torque of 40 Nm. The Himalaya 450 is expected to launch around August-September.

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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

The Shotgun 650 is the second motorcycle based on the Super Meteor 650 platform. The Super Meteor 650 is a cruiser, while the Shotgun 650 will have a more traditional riding triangle with mid-set footpegs. The engine will be the same 650 cc engine found in the Interceptor and Continental GT. However, the exhaust will be different.

New Generation Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Royal Enfield is working on a new generation Bullet 350. It will be based on the J platform already used on the Classic 350, Meteor 350 and Hunter 350. The engine will be the same, but may vary depending on the state of the tune. The motorcycle will feature one-piece seats, halogen headlights, new switchgear and more.

Royal Enfield Scram 650

The Scram 650 looks like a Royal Enfield scrambler motorcycle. It will use the 650 cc twin-cylinder engine derived from the 650 Twins. However, it may get a different state of tune and a 2-in-1 exhaust system. The motorcycle has a one-piece seat and dollar fork.

Royal Enfield Hunter 450

In addition to the new Himalayan 450, the manufacturer is also working on a sports car version of the Himalayan 450. Expected to be called the Hunter 450, it looks like a larger version of the Hunter 350. It will use 17-inch wheels, as opposed to the 21- and 18-inch wheels that the Himalayan 450 will have.

Bonus: Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 with fairing

A Continental GT 650 test mule has been spotted with a bikini fairing. Royal Enfield has fitted its racing-spec motorcycle with half fairings. It’s possible, though, that this fairing is just a bolt-on accessory that the manufacturer might sell in the future.

First published date: May 3, 2023 at 09:54 AM CST

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