Nissan electric vehicles with solid-state batteries will be launched in 2028.Click here for details

Nissan plans to launch its first electric vehicle with a solid-state battery in 2028. The carmaker is reportedly aiming to launch the pilot project in 2025, Autocar UK reports. The British motoring publication also said engineering work on the project would be complete by 2026. Interestingly, Nissan isn’t the only car brand working on solid-state batteries. Several other automakers around the world are working on similar technology.

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February 5, 2023 at 10:09 am

Solid-state and lithium-ion battery technologies will coexist in Nissan’s lineup. (Reuters)

David Moss, Nissan’s vice president of European research and development, has said that solid-state batteries will greatly improve battery power technology. The solid-state battery is claimed to charge three times faster, at up to 400 kW. Additionally, this battery technology is said to offer twice the energy density compared to conventional Li-ion battery current ranges. In addition, the technology is said to reduce production costs by 50% compared to the current generation of lithium-ion batteries.

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The report further states that Nissan, together with the University of Oxford, has already produced a 10-centimeter-square battery that will be used in solid-state batteries. The final battery is said to be about the size of a laptop. This will further help electric vehicles significantly reduce size and weight, thereby improving the overall performance of the vehicle. In these solid-state batteries, all liquid elements are removed.

Nissan aims to launch a large electric pickup truck and SUV in the coming days. Moss claims that solid-state battery technology will help automakers achieve this goal. However, he did not say which electric vehicle will be the first to use solid-state batteries. But he hinted it would be an entirely new model. To accommodate solid-state batteries, an entirely new architecture was necessary, Moss said. He mentioned that the new batteries will come in two different sizes.

While solid-state batteries will dominate Nissan’s EV lineup going forward, the automaker isn’t ready to ditch lithium-ion batteries entirely. Moss said the two technologies will coexist for some time. Nissan will use a new generation of lithium-ion battery packs that will be ready around the middle of this century, with cobalt-free batteries expected to arrive in 2028. It is estimated that the latter generation of battery packs could cut production costs by as much as 65% compared with today’s batteries.

First published date: Feb 5, 2023, 10:09 AM CST

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