Nissan Max-Out Convertible concept looks like it’s straight off a computer screen

Nissan has been showing off its vision for the future of personal mobility with a series of concept vehicles. The latest on this list comes in the form of the Nissan Max-Out Convertible Concept, which heralds an all-electric sports coupe that looks like it came straight off a computer screen. The Japanese automaker will showcase the concept car at a series of events called Nissan Futures.

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February 2, 2023 at 11:22 am

Interestingly, the concept car originally debuted in November 2021 as one of four “Out” concepts from the brand. Other models in the series are Chill-Out, Surf-Out and Hang-Out. Surprisingly, all three models are digital renderings, but did not appear in real life. Unlike its other siblings, however, Max-Out has a physical presence.

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The Nissan Max-Out is a full-size convertible that looks heavily influenced by the Tron movie. It looks highly digital from every angle. Everything from the front profile to the wheels appears highly digital. Instead of traditional headlights, the front profile features a digital display with LED lighting. The circular 3D patterns on the wheels are so eye-catching, they can have a hypnotic effect if you stare at them for too long. The neon blue and neon green themes give the concept car a Tron-like vibe.

Inside the cabin, the convertible concept features unique detailing. It has a large digital screen and is capable of multitasking. Given the graphics on the left side of the display, it appears one of the car’s tasks is to monitor the space. Instead of a traditional steering wheel, it’s a yoke with a digital display and sporty neon lights in the center. The display appears on clear glass with a neon green theme. The two-seater roofless car seems to have plenty of room in the cockpit.

First published date: Feb 2, 2023, 11:22 AM CST

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