Ola Electric replaces the front fork of the S1 Pro and S1 electric scooters

Ola Electric has announced that customers of the S1 Pro and S1 electric scooters can replace the front fork. Ola calls it an “upgraded fork” and they changed the design of the fork. The new design should enhance durability and strength, the manufacturer said. The upgrade is free, and the appointment window will open from March 22. Ola Electric will provide a detailed appointment process as soon as possible.

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March 14, 2023 at 16:36 pm

The Ola Electric uses a single telescopic front suspension. (Photo credit: Facebook/Sanjeev Jain)

In the same press release, it said: “Recently, there have been some concerns in the community regarding the safety of the front wishbone. We assure you that this is unfounded. At Ola, all components of our scooters, including the front wishbone , have been thoroughly tested under extreme conditions and are designed with a safety factor well above the typical loads encountered by the vehicle.”

There have been multiple instances of electric scooters with their front forks breaking while driving through potholes. Because of this, some car owners were also injured. The S1 Pro and S1 use a single side fork design provided by Gabriel. The more affordable S1 Air, on the other hand, uses a more traditional telescopic fork at the front.

First published date: March 14, 2023 at 16:36 PM CST


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