Other off-road Ferraris: Small Testa Rossa races on ice

Oxfordshire-based The Little Car Company has taken its small electric car to the Swiss Alps.

As part of the recent International Elegant Motor Show (ICE) in St. Moritz, visitors were able to drive a three-quarter scale replica of the classic.

It makes for a small ice racing experience, tackling slippery tracks with trophies awarded to the best driver.

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ice car company

Founded in 2019, The Little Car Company makes a line of small classic cars for kids (or maybe the young at heart). Don’t mistake them for toys, though: each one is a meticulously handcrafted take on an iconic car.

Drivers in St. Moritz can try out the company’s three main models. The Bugatti Baby II, Aston Martin DB5 Junior and Ferrari Testa Rossa J all took to the ice during the two-day event.

Joining them is the new limited-edition Testa Rossa J ‘Pacco Gara’, a performance-enhancing upgrade to the tiny Ferrari.

With a top speed of 50 mph, driving one of these battery-powered small cars on ice requires some skill and a few option upgrades. Each car is fitted with studded tires and a limited-slip differential.

Micro Freeze Speed

ice car company

Each car is duly licensed by its respective manufacturer and built at The Little Car Company’s Bicester Heritage base. This attention to detail does come at a price, with prices starting at £39,000 for the Aston Martin DB5 Junior.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “ICE in St. Moritz is an incredible event that holds a special place in the diaries of car enthusiasts around the globe. To us at The Little Car Company Speaking of which, we’re excited to be showing our four vehicles on the ice, and equally excited to see attendees behind their wheels.

“We’re already looking forward to returning to ICE again next year with some exciting new additions to the Little Car fleet, which we’re sure will attract attention.”

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The OTHER off-road Ferrari: tiny Testa Rossa takes on ice race

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