Pre-production Tesla Cybertruck spotted inside factory


The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the world’s most anticipated electric vehicles, but it’s not yet in production. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that production will start in September this year. Yet despite being infamously delayed so many times from production, interest in the electric pickup is still at its peak thanks to a series of spy photos and videos of the EV being spotted. The latest video in the series is a video showing a pickup truck in a manufacturing plant and being lifted by a crane.

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May 17, 2023 at 10:07 am

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to go into mass production in mid-2023. (Image: Cybertruck Owners Club)

The Cybertruck Owners Club forum posted a 57-second video showing the electric pickup truck inside the manufacturer’s production facility, possibly in Giga, Texas, USA. Another clip shows the car being lifted by a crane. However, it is unknown why it was lifted by the crane. In recent weeks, Tesla Cybertruck prototypes have been seen several times in different places: on tracks at the factory, on public roads, in and out of the factory. Apparently, the automaker is testing electric vehicles in various scenarios before going into final production.

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Interestingly, so far Tesla has not tried to hide the Cybertruck from public view. The automaker has been testing prototypes without any pretense since it first spotted the EV a few years ago. Despite this, however, details of the final fine-tuning of the electric pickup are still unknown. This includes the final design and specifications of the EV.

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to go into production this September, and the automaker said it intends to produce the electric vehicle in limited quantities in 2023. The automaker will increase production of the pickup truck starting in 2024.

Initially, Tesla claimed that the Cybertruck EV would come in four different variants: a single-motor RWD expected to have a range of 400 kilometers, a dual-motor AWD variant expected to have a range of 480 kilometers, and a tri-motor AWD version available 800 kilometers of electric range and four-wheel drive. Electric motor AWD model with a range of 1,000 km on a single charge. However, the final production model is expected to ditch the single-motor version.

First published date: May 17, 2023, 10:07 AM CST

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