RML short wheelbase: New British supercar now in production

The first customer orders for the retro-styled, V12-powered RML short-wheelbase model have gone into production.

Each car takes approximately nine months to build, with a level of attention to detail and personalization throughout.

Following the completion of the ‘Car Zero’ prototype, RML is now building the first three cars for customers. Only 30 of the £1.62 short-wheelbase model will be produced.

perfect paint

RML short wheelbase customer car

The short wheelbase is clearly similar to the classic Ferrari 250 GT SWB, but its backbone chassis comes from the (1996-2001) 550 Maranello.

RML created a two-piece carbon fiber body that weighs just 42.5kg before paint. About 99% of the body is constructed to a tolerance of 2.5mm, and 60% is built to a tolerance of just 1mm.

Combine multiple coats of primer with a silver primer before the final paint. Even unpainted components, such as the carbon composite doors and windows, received several coats of paint.

Handcrafted with modern technology

RML short wheelbase customer car

After the main body is completed, RML installs 550 from Maranello 5.5 liter engine. An unmodified, naturally aspirated V12 engine produces a solid 479 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Acceleration from zero to 62mph takes just 4.1 seconds.

As production continues, the RML short-wheelbase version will be revealed at next month’s Goodwood Members Conference.

“Each short wheelbase is handcrafted,” explains RML CEO Michael Mallock, “but we also use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of build quality. All parts are laser cut to maximize To minimize deviations from specification, the jigs we use only allow a maximum tolerance of 0.25mm, which means that all 30 cars we produce will be built to our consistently high standard.”

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RML Short Wheelbase: new British supercar now in production

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