Royal Enfield Classic 350 cleverly converted into a buoy: see details here

Buoys, many would say they are special. People who buy them usually make their decisions with their hearts, not their heads. Bobbers are strictly single seaters, and installing a rear seat only affects the bike’s appeal. There are not many buoys available in the Indian market. Jawa recently added the 42 Bobber to their lineup, and before that, their flagship Perak. So, what people have to spend a lot of money on bobbers is retrofitting their existing motorcycles.

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March 11, 2023 at 17:54 pm

Eimor Customs made several cosmetic changes to this Royal Enfield Classic 350 to make it a buoy.

Usually these modified motorcycles are Royal Enfield motorcycles, as they are easier to handle and can be converted into different body styles. This is a Royal Enfield Classic 350. The stock motorcycle was heavily modified by Eimor Customs. The building is affectionately known as Ayla by the store.

The motorcycle comes in Dark Metallic Silver with a matte finish. A little gold leaf enhances the curves of the bike. As a buoy, the rear seat has been removed and the motorcycle has been stretched four inches. The tires are wrapped by duckbill fenders. The rear license plate holder has been moved to the side for a cleaner look from the rear. The rear turn indicators are now moved next to the shock absorbers.

Eimor added some modern touches, too. For example, there's an LED headlamp and a single-pod digital instrument cluster.

Eimor added some modern touches, too. For example, there’s an LED headlamp and a single-pod digital instrument cluster.

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The front wheels now measure 19 inches, while the rears measure 15 inches. The wheels are now wrapped in new tires and the rake has been increased. The front telescopic forks are now replaced by inverted forks. Then there are other changes. The original halogen headlights have been replaced with 5.5-inch LED lights. The stock analog speedometer is gone now, replaced by a single-pod digital speedometer.

First published date: March 11, 2023 at 17:54 PM CST

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