Royal Enfield Classic 350 converted into a cruiser

The Classis 350 was the most successful motorcycle to come out of the Royal Enfield factory. The motorcycle was first launched in 2009, with a new generation coming in 2021. Many people modify their Classic 350s to make them stand out, or they need a different style of motorcycle. Royal Enfield is very popular when it comes to tuning motorcycles. This may be because their motorcycles are easy to handle and can be modified into different body styles.

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February 25, 2023 at 17:46 pm

The Classic 350 now features Thunderbird’s 17-inch spoked wheels and shocks.

This is a Royal Enfield Classic 350 converted by Eimor Customs. Motorcycles have undergone some extensive changes. It now has 17-inch wheels and wider tires. That alone improves the stance of the motorcycle. However, there are still spoked wheels, which means no tubeless.

The paint job on the motorcycle is quite eye-catching. It’s finished in matte black with gold foil work and hand-stitched stripes. There are also tank pads on the sides so that the rider can get a better grip on the tank. The footpegs on the Classic 350 have also been changed.

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The tank has a custom nickname that reads Are who is the Greek god of war and courage. The seats on the motorcycle are also new. Eimor Customs says the seats are ergonomically designed and very comfortable. The shop also provided the backrests for the rear seats. The headlights have also been replaced with 5.5-inch LED headlights.

There are also new turn indicators and taillights.

There are also new turn indicators and taillights.

Eimor Customs has replaced the stock front shocks with Thunderbird shocks. Because of this, the bike now has a slightly aggressive stance. The shock is also covered with fork shrouds. In addition, a new black bumper was installed.

Mechanically, no changes. As such, it continued with a 346 cc single-cylinder long-stroke engine. The engine is now dead, and there is a new exhaust as well. It’s a MotoTorque Beat muffler.

First published date: Feb 25, 2023 at 17:46 PM CST

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