Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 converted into stealth cafe racer

Royal Enfield took the market by storm with its 650 Twins. The Continental GT 650 is a café racer and the spiritual successor to the Continental GT 535. On the other hand, the Interceptor 650 has a less rigid riding position, which makes for a more comfortable ride. So many people buy an Interceptor 650 and convert it into a cafe racer because they want the signature look of a cafe racer and the comfort of an Interceptor 650.

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May 12, 2023 at 14:45 pm

Eimor Customs made a number of cosmetic changes to the Interceptor 650, turning it into a cafe racer.

This is an Interceptor 650 converted into a cafe racer. The build was done by Eimor Customs and they call this build “The Bomber”. The shop had to make quite a few cosmetic changes, since the Interceptor is, at its core, a roadster by design.

The motorcycle is now finished in a matte paint scheme in dark blue and silver tones. Several components such as the engine, engine guards, spoke rims and shocks are now blacked out. In order for a motorcycle to look like a cafe racer, it is important to equip the motorcycle with a cafe racer seat, but still have some room in the back seat. However, the store is very particular about it and gave it a ribbed design.

The modified motorcycle now has a new paint job.

The modified motorcycle now has a new paint job.

Then there’s the custom fairing, which fits perfectly over the headlights and completes the cafe racer look. Speaking of the headlights, all lighting elements on the motorcycle are new. The motorcycle is also fitted with mirrors and exhaust strips. This brings us to the new exhaust that the motorcycle now has. They are much slimmer than the SKUs offered by Royal Enfield. There are no other changes to the engine or motorcycle.

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Other changes include cut-away rear fenders for a cleaner, shorter rear. The throttle body cover also gets a black finish. Also, the motorcycle now has new tires.

First published date: May 12, 2023 at 14:45 PM CST

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