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Cycling brand membership program expands to London, Milan and Paris

Amsterdam/Berlin/Brussels/Copenhagen/London/Milan/Paris, 2 July 2020 Swapfiets, billed as a monthly bike subscription with its signature blue front tire, aims to be the leading micromobility membership brand. Today, the company announced plans to expand its service to London, Milan and Paris by the end of the year, while adding new electric vehicle offerings. Swapfiets reached a new milestone in June 2020 with a total of 200.000 members, mainly due to its huge growth in the big cities of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

Swapfiets is expanding in Europe

Cities around the world are facing the challenge of environmental pollution caused by increasing traffic congestion and density. Bicycles are by far the most efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly transport solution for individuals in the existing transport mix.

However, solving the transportation problems of large cities requires making it as easy as possible for the large numbers of people living in cities to switch from cars to modern personal transportation solutions. Therefore, while maintaining a focus on cycling, Swapfiets responds to the wants and needs of the community and commuters, offering innovative e-mobility products that combine existing public transportation with useful first and last mile personal transportation solutions , and a faster and faster solution. Long distance travel between cities and suburbs is easier. In addition to the completely redesigned and improved Power 7 e-bike, Swapfiets will also launch the foldable e-Kick and is currently testing the powerful e-Scoot, all available through a simple monthly subscription included in the monthly fee Repair fees. While the e-Kick has already been launched in several cities, the e-Scoot, designed and produced by NIU, is in the testing phase and has limited sales only in the city of Berlin.website www.swapfiets.com and mobile apps provide a detailed overview of the availability and prices of every bike and e-mobility product in every city.

Marc van Pappelendam, Managing Director of Swapfiets, said: “At Swapfiets, we believe in creating livable cities by providing mobile services on a monthly subscription, making cities friendlier, healthier and more comfortable for millions of people.” Innovate to create the best products, services and experiences for our members to keep them going.”

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About Swapfiets
Swapfiets is the world’s first “bike-as-a-service” company. Founded in the Netherlands in 2014, it has rapidly grown into one of Europe’s leading micromobility service providers by June 2020, with more than 200.000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

The concept of Swapfiets is simple: for a monthly subscription fee, Swapfiets members receive a fully functional bicycle or e-mobility solution for their own use. Repair service available within 48 hours if needed, free repair or direct replacement of the two wheeler.


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