Tata Nexon EV facelift to break cover: LIVE and latest updates

Tata Motors is gearing up to take the covers off its most popular, and probably its most important electric vehicle – the new Nexon EV facelift version. The official unveiling of the 2023 Nexon EV comes days after the carmaker revealed the new iteration of the SUV’s ICE avatar – the Nexon facelift. The Nexon EV is the first of four electric SUVs Tata Motors will launch within the next few months. Despite being a facelift, expect massive changes in its design and features that promises to make it a more attractive proposition for buyers.

Here are all the live and latest updates from the unveiling of Tata Nexon EV facelift.

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| Updated on: 07 Sep 2023, 15:26 PM

Tata Motors has revealed the first glimpse at the 2023 Nexon EV facelift ahead of its official launch on September 14.

Tata Nexon EV: Over 50,000 and counting

The Nexon EV has found more than 50,000 homes across India since its launch three years ago. Last year, Tata Motors added to new versions of the electric SUV – the Nexon EV Max and Prime. The Nexon EV Max basically is the long-range version of the electric SUV. Its popularity helped the Nexon brand to become the top-selling SUV of India in 2022.

Being sold in over 500 cities, owners of the Nexon EV have driven the SUV over 900 million kms across various terrains. Customers have also been doing long trips as far as 1,500 kms in a stretch, according to Tata Motors. On average, Nexon EV owners are driving around 6.3 million kms in a month on intercity and outstation trips ranging from 100 to 400 kms.

Tata Motors is offering Nexon EV in two versions - Prime and Max.
Tata Motors is offering Nexon EV in two versions – Prime and Max.

What helped Tata Nexon EV become a big success story?

Tata Motors recently achieved a major sales milestone clocking over one lakh electric cars in India since the first unit of the Nexon EV was sold. It took around five years for Tata Motors to reach the milestone at a time when EV is not even the first choice for most buyers. Nexon EV traversed the phase when electric cars and the required infrastructure were taking baby steps in India. Despite the slowdown during the Covid years, when most of its rivals were affected, the electric SUV kept on growing amid production challenges. It helped the entire EV segment in India to see the massive rise in sales over the past few years. Tata’s strategy to build a proper charging infrastructure. improve the battery helped the Nexon EV keep ticking away impressive sales numbers.

Tata Nexon EV: The first box-office hit in the Indian EV segment?

Tata Motors is currently the undisputed leader in the electric passenger vehicle segment with a whopping market share of more than 80 per cent. That is to say four out of every five electric cars sold in India are from Tata Motors. Its dominance in the EV segment is unparalleled anywhere around the world. The lion’s share of the credit goes to none other than the Nexon EV. First launched back in December 2019, the electric SUV was among the first batch of new generation EVs to hit Indian markets. Since then, the EV only grew in leaps and bounds, especially after the Covid years. The Nexon EV, offered in three versions, including Max and Prime, contributes nearly half of Tata’s overall electric car sales in India. Needless to say, it has been a blockbuster hit in the EV segment that propelled Tata Motors to a new high.

First Published Date: 07 Sep 2023, 15:26 PM IST


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