Tata Tiago EV Blitz unveiled at Auto Expo 2023

Tata Motors currently leads the electric four-wheeler market in India. They have the Nexon EV, which is currently the best-selling EV in India. Then they launched the Tigor EV and more recently the Tiago EV in the Indian market. Now, the brand has revealed the Tiago EV Blitz at the 2023 Auto Expo.

Tiago EV Blitz at the Tata Motors Pavilion.

The Tiago EV Blitz features some cosmetic upgrades over the standard Tiago EV. It looks sportier than the Tiago EV currently on sale. The Tiago EV Blitz is fitted with 15-inch black alloy wheels with tires that also have a lower profile than the standard Tiago EV. The wheel arches are flared and painted black, emphasizing the Blitz Edition’s sporty look.

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Tata Motors has removed the blue accents from their electric cars. Instead, the Tiago EV Blitz has black elements. Additionally, the triple-arrow elements on the bumper have been replaced by horizontal slats, which are also present on the Harrier EV on display at the 2023 Auto Expo.

The black accents on the door handles are missing on the Tiago EV. The electric hatchback is white with black exterior mirrors. Tata Motors is also offering a new blue bolt badge that replaces the EV badge on the vehicle. The same blue bolts can also be seen on the inside. In addition, the multi-stage regeneration system can be monitored in real time on the instrument cluster.

Tata Motors is yet to announce whether the Tiago EV Blitz will have an upgraded chassis and powertrain. The standard Tiago EV is offered in two versions. The larger battery pack claims a range of 350km. It produces 74 bhp and 114 Nm, while the smaller battery pack variant makes 61 bhp and 110 Nm. It has a claimed range of 250 kilometers.

First published date: Jan 14, 2023 at 16:38 PM CST


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