Tesla Cybertruck dons camouflage, looks like it’s ready for jungle missions


The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in the world. Since its debut in 2019, pure electric pickups have attracted the attention of consumers around the world. However, despite the production timetable being set several times, the electric car has yet to enter production. Elon Musk has promised that the Cybertruck will start production in September 2023, so prototypes of the electric vehicle have been spotted frequently over the past few months. The latest one is in camouflage.

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| Updated on: June 15, 2023 at 16:03 pm

The Tesla Cybertruck, one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in the world, will enter production in September 2023. (Image credit: Cybertruck Owners Club)

Despite all the hype about the Cybertruck, prototypes of the EV have so far been spotted without any camouflage. That’s why the latest prototype has been spotted in the wild, as it’s the first-ever Tesla Cybertruck prototype with factory camouflage.

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A special Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted in Palo Alto, California, completely covered in camouflage vinyl wrap. The prototype, captured and posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, does not have any notable differences from previously spotted prototypes. This comes as a surprise, since Tesla isn’t very keen on using camouflage wraps on its test prototypes, and has rarely relied on the practice in the past. However, this could be a new tactic to draw more attention or otherwise; the company is rethinking its stance on camouflage cloth. Automakers often wrap test prototypes of their new or refreshed models in packaging to hide design, proportions and other features that are not known to the public.

When images of a camouflaged prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck went viral on Twitter, the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk jokingly wrote: “Lucky we used camouflage lol.”Cyber​​ The truck is scheduled to start production at the Giga Texas plant in the United States in September this year. Initially, the electric pickup was planned to be produced in limited quantities, but as revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, production will ramp up starting in 2024.

First published date: June 15, 2023 at 16:03 PM CST


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