Tesla Cybertruck marks automaker’s shift to 48-volt systems

Tesla is preparing to switch from its current 12-volt system to a 48-volt system. The electric automaker revealed as much at its recent 2023 investor day. The automaker says the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will be the brand’s first electric vehicle to feature a new 48-volt system. Interestingly, this will help Tesla make a huge leap forward in the industry, as most automakers producing EVs have been using 12-volt systems.

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March 12, 2023 at 12:11 am

Tesla will move entirely to a 48-volt system, and the Cybertruck will be the first to adopt it.

Tesla said the automaker’s first step is to switch from a 12V lead-acid auxiliary battery to a 12V lithium-ion auxiliary battery. This was announced in February 2021, with the technology being introduced to the newer Tesla Model S and Model X. Later, the technology was also introduced to the Model 3 and Model Y in late 2021.

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The automaker claims the new lithium-ion battery is expected to last the life of the car, meaning owners won’t need to worry about replacing batteries. Additionally, this enables automakers to equip vehicles with smaller and lighter battery packs.

When it comes to the 48-volt system that will be used in Tesla vehicles, the new technology will reduce the current by four times compared to the 12-volt system. As the power demands of on-board electrical equipment steadily increase, voltage spikes are necessary. Additionally, the wires for the 12V system become thick, heavy and costly.

The 48-volt system in upcoming new Tesla vehicles will allow the automaker to reduce the weight of its electric vehicles. In addition, this technology will help to significantly reduce costs while substantially increasing efficiency. The automaker has already confirmed the launch of the new 12-volt battery technology, with more details expected to be announced in the coming days.

First published date: March 12, 2023 at 12:11pm CST


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