Tesla EV bashes through a wall and plunges into a swimming pool


Over the last few years, several Tesla electric cars have made headlines for reasons that were unexpected and at times, unpleasant. The latest addition to the list of antics performed by Tesla car owners is when an EV bashed through a wall and plunged into a swimming pool. The incident took place in Arizona when a homeowner found the Tesla barreled through his house’s concrete wall and took a dive in the backyard pool, reported AZFamily.

By: HT Auto Desk
| Updated on: 06 Aug 2023, 15:10 PM

It is not confirmed if the Tesla EV plunged into the pool because of a driver’s error or some technical glitch. (Image: Youtube/AZFamily)

The report says that despite such a crash into the swimming pool, the Tesla EV’s driver survived without any injury. However, the same can’t be said of the car or the yard it crashed into. The report has further revealed that the police are still searching for the cause of the crash. It is not known if the mishap took place because of the driver’s error or some technical glitch in the car.

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The affected homeowner, Joe Papineau, said that he thought that he’d heard an explosion. “I was sleeping in my bed when all of a sudden I hear this huge crash and big explosion,” he said to the local news station. Papineau also said he believes that the Tesla car was passing through the area when another car pulled out in front of him. In a desperate attempt to avoid the accident, the Tesla driver made an evasive manoeuvre but couldn’t recover in time to avoid crashing into the wall and ending in the pool.

The video that emerged online shows the Tesla car has received extensive damage including a demolished windshield. Its front profile got damaged severely. However, the driver reportedly escaped with only minor injuries. There was no other passenger in the car during the time of the accident, the report has further revealed.

First Published Date: 06 Aug 2023, 15:10 PM IST


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