Tesla Semi is the new newsmaker in town, bogged down by software glitch

Not long ago, Tesla delivered its first electric semi-truck to one of its first customers, PepsiCo and its subsidiary Frito-Lay. It grabbed quite a bit of headlines around the world, but now, the Tesla Semi is making headlines again, and this time for the wrong reasons. There have been numerous reports of stranded Tesla semis, although they may have been experiencing display issues rather than typical malfunctions.

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March 30, 2023 at 14:47 pm

Several Tesla Semis have reportedly been stranded due to a software glitch.

Teslarati reported electric delivery vehicles that broke down on the side of the road or were towed away. However, it’s unclear what caused them to become trapped, but reports point to a software glitch. So far, Tesla itself has not commented on the matter.

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A Tesla Semi on the side of the road or moving on a trailer may undoubtedly be unusable, but there are other reasons why it might be parked or transported that way. The report noted that at least some Tesla Semi failures were caused by software-related glitches. In those cases, the electric truck didn’t actually malfunction, but the driver had to pull over to figure out why the electric truck’s screen would sometimes flicker or even shut off momentarily, creating difficulties for the driver.

As the report suggests, the Tesla Semi electric truck has been found to have some sort of problem at least eight times. It also claimed that drivers had to pull over because they weren’t sure what to do when the internal display went wrong. Eventually, those Tesla Semis were towed away.

Interestingly, many functions in every Tesla vehicle are performed by accessing the touchscreen. When the screen fails, the driver has difficulty controlling various functions of the vehicle, which is exactly what happened with certain Tesla Semis.

First published date: March 30, 2023 at 14:47 PM CST


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