Tesla turns brewmaster; launches special Cybertruck-influenced beer.details here

Tesla never stops surprising us. The electric carmaker’s latest surprise comes in the form of a special-edition beer. The automaker has launched a limited-edition beer named GigaBier inspired by the Cybertruck electric pickup truck. Pack of three stylish bottles. Tesla revealed the beer on its official Twitter account, saying it was brewed by robots and made by humans.

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April 2, 2023 at 16:29 pm

Tesla has launched a limited-edition GigaBier pilsner inspired by the Cybertruck.

Brewed in Germany, the limited-edition beer comes in a box containing three sleek Cybertruck-style bottles. The beer comes in 330-milliliter bottles, and the packs cost around $97. Obviously, it’s not very affordable, but considering it’s a special edition beer from the maker of the world’s most popular electric car, there might be some take.

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Tesla claims GigaBier has an ABV of 5% and is made from water, barley malt, yeast and Cyberhops. The automaker-turned-brewer company says the Tesla GigaBier can be ordered in certain European countries but not elsewhere. Additionally, a customer can only purchase one pack per order.

Describing the alcoholic beverage on its official website, the electric carmaker said the GigaBier was designed to mimic the form of a Cybertruck while respecting the 500-year-old tradition of brewing Reinheitsgebot beer in Germany. “Enjoy this limited-edition pilsner-style beer brewed in Berlin featuring our exclusive Cyberhops strain and aromas of citrus, bergamot and sweet fruit. Each bottle features a seamless gloss black sleeve with Luminous Giga watermark. Prost!” Tesla said in its official post.

Interestingly, brewing beer is not something Tesla is doing out of the blue, as it has hinted at such a project before. Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased the beer himself at the Giga Fest event at the Berlin Gigafactory in late 2021. Also, Tesla launched a limited-edition tequila a few years ago in two batches, both of which sold out in less than an hour.

Another interesting fact is that Tesla isn’t the only auto brand getting into the food and beverage space. German auto giant and Tesla’s biggest challenger Volkswagen has been producing currywurst at its Wolfsburg plant since 1973. In recent years, the automaker has sold more sausages than cars.

First published date: April 2, 2023 at 16:29 PM CST


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