The cabin of this electric SUV is an on-demand home theater.details here

Italy-based EV startup Aehra has unveiled its first electric SUV. Aside from its striking premium coupe-like design, this SUV has one more eye-catching feature in the cabin. It features a giant infotainment display in the cockpit that stretches upwards, turning the spacious cabin into a cozy home theater. The large screen can only extend upwards when the EV is parked and not driving. Clearly, this technology was developed with security in mind. The EV startup also claims that the cabin can be configured in different modes, including home theater, conference room, and lounge.

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December 27, 2022 at 11:57 am

The Aehra SUV’s digital screen combines the infotainment system, instrument cluster and digital rearview mirror.

The huge full-width screen integrates the infotainment system, digital instrument cluster and digital rearview mirror into one display. Once the vehicle is parked, it can be extended upwards for different purposes. The automaker has not disclosed the size of the display. However, it appears to be larger than the folding 31-inch rear passenger screen offered in the new BMW 7 Series. The Milan-based EV startup has patented the technology. It will also launch an electric sedan with the same technology early next year. Both the electric SUV and sedan are scheduled for delivery in 2025. Initially, the two EVs will be sold in North America, Europe, China and the Gulf countries.

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There’s also a smaller, centrally mounted touchscreen display. It allows the driver to access all controls. The only physical buttons available are a transmission selector on the floating center console and a knob on the yoke-shaped multifunction steering wheel. A digital strip is integrated into the steering wheel, displaying all important information about the car.

While current technology doesn’t allow the screen to move up while the vehicle is moving, in a self-driving car, this is possible. The widescreen looks a bit like Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX display, also a widescreen that combines the touchscreen infotainment system with the digital instrument cluster. However, Aehra’s big screen is bigger and taller than MBUX.

Aehra’s chief design officer, Fillippo Perini, said the SUV was designed to be a true product of the digital age, to reflect and adapt to the modern and on-the-go lifestyle of its customers. He also said occupants can relax and enjoy a movie when the screen is fully extended. “With the screen fully extended, occupants can relax and enjoy a movie, perhaps while the car is charging, or while parents wait to pick up the kids from school or at a party. For those with work to do, the screen’s spacious interior provides Video conferencing calls offer the perfect solution. Instead of staring at your smartphone or laptop, you can sit back and not only see all the participants on the call in perfect HD, but hear them through crystal-clear , perfect sound quality,” he added.

First published date: Dec 27, 2022 at 11:57am CST

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