The Kamm 912c is a fresh take on the Porsche restomod recipe


Q: When is 911 not 911? A. When it was a Porsche 912.Long before the Cayman and Boxster – even before the 924 and 914 – This is the economical version of the world’s most famous sports car. It looks like a 911, but with a four-cylinder engine instead of the usual six-cylinder.

There’s nothing ‘budget’ about the Kamm 912c, a Hungarian tuner that starts at £312,000 – £278,000 if you supply your own Porsche. You may have seen a 912c prototype reviewed by the media last year, but this is the first time we’ve seen the production version, which features more carbon fiber and an upgraded engine.

We’ve seen countless restomod 911s from the likes of Singer, Theon Design, and Paul Stephens AutoArt, but the 912 is an interesting alternative. One of its main advantages is its low weight: Kamm quotes only 750 kg of liquid. For context, that’s almost 400kg lighter than a base Ford Fiesta.


Cam 912c

Modified by Swiss motorsport specialists JPS, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine makes 190hp at 7,200rpm. That’s a specific output of 95hp per liter, or “the highest horsepower per liter of any air-cooled street engine”. By comparison, the iconic 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Produces just 78 horsepower per liter.

With electronic fuel injection, Life Racing ECU and DBW throttle body, the engine is said to deliver “a consistent level of performance in all environments”. Open the rear cover and it looks mouth watering too, especially the unassuming carbon fiber fan cover.

In terms of body and chassis modifications, you’ll find Lexan polycarbonate windows, TracTive semi-active coilover suspension and AP Racing brakes, including a hydraulic handbrake. Steel-look alloy wheels are optional, or you can opt for classic Fuchs or 917-style split rims.

Want more carbon fiber to accentuate the 912’s little “c”? A full carbon fiber bodyshell is available for increased rigidity and further weight savings.

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Cam 912c

Inside, the simple cabin prioritizes function and feedback, with classic Porsche replica seats, lightweight carpet and electric air conditioning.

A carbon fiber shifter churns the five-speed transmission, which has a racing-style dogleg first gear. Other key touchpoints are the three-spoke Momo steering wheel and AP Racing pedal box.

Every 912c is built to order in Budapest, completely custom. The first production car will be shipped to the US, with two more manufacturing slots in 2023. Miklós Kázmér, founder of Kamm, said: “The 912c was designed to be as practical as a modern car, but with the driving experience of a classic race car. We delivered reliability and performance with the analog feel you would expect from a sports car from the sixties, making it Unique in the restomod world.”

We’ll be driving the first production Kamm 912c next month, so head back to the Automotive Research Center soon for our first drive verdict.

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Kamm 912c is a fresh twist on the Porsche restomod recipe

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