The new generation BMW X3 M can be transformed into an electric car.details here

The next-gen BMW X3 M will reportedly be an all-electric model. A performance-focused iteration of the X3 could ditch the current inline-six internal combustion engine in favor of an all-electric powertrain, according to BMW Blog. It also claims that the forthcoming EV will pack more punch than the current ICE-powered X3 M. However, the automaker has yet to confirm anything about the model’s launch and timeline. The report says the new BMW X3 M will launch in 2026 or 2027. This makes sense, as an updated iteration of the standard X3 is expected around 2025.

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December 17, 2022 at 9:04 am

The BMW X3 M is one of the best-selling models of the German brand.

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The report further claims that the next-generation M Performance X3 will be rebadged as the iX3 M. The speculation comes at a time when the automaker has already begun testing prototypes of the next-generation SUV. The car is internally code-named G45 and is powered by the CLAR platform. However, the production model is likely to be based on the automaker’s Neue Klasse architecture, which is designed for electric vehicles and is scheduled to debut with an EV version of the new 3 Series in the mid-2000s.

When launched, the electric version of the BMW X3 M will play a key role in the automaker’s global e-mobility strategy. The report further claims that when the automaker updates the car in the near future, the X3’s big brother, the X4, will also arrive as a fully electric model.

The BMW X3 is one of the brand’s best-selling SUVs, and the X3 M adds even more power to the car. The current X3 M tops out in Competition trim with 503 hp of peak power and 600 Nm of peak torque. The all-electric successor to the SUV will need more power to partially offset the significant weight gain due to the large battery pack. Interestingly, the current petrol-powered X3 M weighs around 2,000kg.

First published date: Dec 17, 2022 at 09:04 AM CST

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