The Ultraviolet X44 name is trademarked. More affordable e-bikes coming soon?


Bengaluru-based electric motorcycle startup Ultraviolet Automotive has filed a trademark application for the X44 nameplate in India. While it’s unclear what the name is for, the “Ultraviolet X44” moniker could refer to an upcoming electric motorcycle from the company. Ultraviolette launched its F77 high-performance electric motorcycle earlier this year and began operations.

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| Updated on: July 22, 2023 at 13:41

The Ultraviolet F77 is the company’s flagship, and the X44 could be a new electric motorcycle in development

Not much is known about the specifics of the Ultraviolette X44, but there’s a good chance the bike will be the brand’s new, more affordable entry. The Ultraviolet F77 is priced at $380,000, about to reach $The Recon model is priced at Rs 4.55 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom). These aren’t exactly “affordable” prices. That said, the F77 is India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle, and its performance is impressive.

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The X44 could also be an adventure or sports wagon based on the Ultraviolet F77
The X44 could also be an adventure or sports wagon based on the Ultraviolet F77

However, a more accessible motorcycle would help the Ultraviolette break into the mainstream. The X44 will likely feature a smaller battery pack and motor and better ergonomics for commuting.Pricing up to $Rs 2-2.25 lakh (ex-showroom) will make it considerably cheaper than the F77 while still maintaining a premium positioning compared to other electric motorcycles in the market.

Another guess could be an electric adventure motorcycle. The Ultraviolet X44 could use the same mechanicals as the F77, but with new bodywork, styling, long-travel suspension, spoked wheels and more. Considering the F77 already promises a lot, a sport tourer wouldn’t be far-fetched either, but its touring prowess could be enhanced by a less focused riding position.

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All of this is speculation at the moment, and we’ll have to wait a while to learn more about Ultraviolette’s future plans. That said, the mark could confirm that something is indeed brewing at Ultraviolet Hangar, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.

First published date: Jul 22, 2023 at 13:41 PM CST

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