The upcoming Ather 450S electric scooter will be equipped with a new color LCD console, no touch function


Ather Energy is preparing to bring the 450S electric scooter to market, which will allow the brand to make a comeback in the price war. The Ather 450S will be the most affordable electric scooter from the manufacturer, a derivative of the 450X without some of the feature and cosmetic updates. HT Auto now has more details on the 450S, which will feature an LCD instrument console instead of the touchscreen unit found on the flagship 450X.

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| Updated on: July 11, 2023 at 15:26

The Ather 450S will be equipped with an LCD console, which is more cost-effective than the 450X with a touchscreen console

The fancier touchscreen unit on the Ather 450S will be replaced by a simpler LCD unit with a color segmented display. It might not have the touch capabilities of a new-age smartphone, but it brings features like built-in navigation, document storage, connectivity capabilities, and more. Whether the company will bring Bluetooth connectivity with call/text notifications to the 450S remains to be seen.

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The touchscreen instrument console will remain exclusive to the Ather 450X
The touchscreen instrument console will remain exclusive to the Ather 450X

A more affordable Ather 450S

The Ather 450S is designed to be cost-effective, especially for the price $1.3 lakhs (ex-showroom). This will require reducing some features to make it more affordable. Not just the touchscreen unit, the 450S will also feature a smaller 3 kWh battery pack with a range of 115km (IDC), compared to 146km (IDC) for the 3.7 kWh 450X. Top speed will remain at 90 km/h, powered by a 6.4 kW (8.58 hp) electric motor. Peak torque output is 26 Nm. That said, expect this model to look identical to the 450X, save for some cosmetic changes.

Ather Energy was the first major player to introduce a touchscreen console on an electric two-wheeler in 2018, a feature trend that has since caught on on most high-end electric scooters. The company’s goal with the 450S is to create a more convenient option without losing the rideability of an electric scooter, reviving sales that have plummeted due to price hikes.

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Further details on the changes to the 450S have yet to be announced and we expect the official reveal to take place sometime in August of this year. The electric scooter will compete with Ola S1, TVS iQube, Ampere Primus and others in this segment. It also aims to attract customers from the 125 cc ICE powered scooters in the market.

First published date: Jul 11, 2023 at 15:26 PM USST

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