This concept EV is an all-terrain autonomous electric camper from the future


The world is moving fast towards electric vehicles. Several automakers are rolling out new production models with electrified powertrains, as well as electric concept cars. Chinese automaker GAC has unveiled a new electric van concept called the GAC Van Life Concept, a self-driving all-terrain electric camper. The electric van is said to be able to handle rough roads with ease, and it looks very futuristic.

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April 25, 2023 at 16:03 pm

The GAC Van Life Concept is a driverless electric concept vehicle that can take on challenges anywhere.
The GAC Van Life Concept is a driverless electric concept vehicle that can take on challenges anywhere.

At first glance, the GAC Van Life EV concept looks like it’s straight out of the future or some sci-fi movie. This is the second concept in the Car Culture series after Barchetta. It was designed by GAC Europe R&D Center. The ubiquitous electric vehicle, designed for long-distance travel and a replacement for airplanes, is an ambitious idea, the car company claims.

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Speaking of its design, the EV Concept features unibody proportions with a symmetrical shape and full-width LEDs at both ends. It also comes with huge wheels and a lot of ground clearance, all for off-roading. The car looks like a capsule with a somewhat unusual shape and four wheels. The tires that wrap the huge wheels have retractable flaps for traction on any terrain. GAC claims the EV has four lidar sensors mounted on the roof to assist it during autonomous driving.

Inside the cabin, it has seating for two and a huge space in the rear for luggage and equipment. It can also be easily converted into a sleeping area. GAC says a frame of rails around the cabin allows occupants to mount or hang anything they want.

The EV concept claims to feature an all-electric platform that draws power from next-generation solid-state batteries that provide extended range. GAC also claims that the EV was developed using lightweight components made from recycled waste such as plastic, aluminum and carbon fiber.

First published date: April 25, 2023 at 16:03 PM CST

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