This custom Honda X4 is called “Bumblebee” and it’s inspired by the Transformers movie

One must have seen quite a few custom motorcycles on Indian roads and abroad. However, this custom build takes modification to the next level. It’s called “Bumblebee,” and if he or she has seen any of the Transformers movies or knows the character, one can see the reason behind it at first glance. The model is based on a Honda X4 1300 cc and modifications were done by RH Customs.

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December 14, 2022 at 13:18 pm

RH Customs used a donated Honda X4 1300 cc to build the Bumblebee.

The headlight is now replaced by the bumblebee character’s head, which does have glowing LEDs. The two antennas can be pulled up or flush with the head. In fact, the head itself is sourced from the US because the build wouldn’t make sense without it. Then there’s the paint job, the other most important element of Bumblebee’s character. The motorcycle was painted a rusty yellow and the workshop had scuff marks on the paint.

All of the motorcycle's body panels are manufactured in-house by RH Customs.

All of the motorcycle’s body panels are manufactured in-house by RH Customs.

The chassis is also custom, it’s a softail and the rear has been modified to look like a helicopter. The motorcycle is 7 feet long and features in-house designed alloy wheels made from 6061 aluminum. The front wheels measure 21 inches with 130mm tires and the rears measure 18 inches with 300mm tires.

All of the motorcycle’s body panels were custom made by RH Customs. As a result, fenders, fuel tanks, seat panels, side panels, etc. are all manufactured in-house by the tuner. The cam covers are from a 1972 Camaro SS, and yes, they were also imported into India. The same goes for the taillights and turn indicators. The Bumblebee project was made for Mr. Raju and Mr. Raghu.

First published date: December 14, 2022 at 13:18 PM CST

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