This Modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 Will Seduce You With Its Vintage Charm


Motorcycles from Royal Enfield are very popular among those who like to modify or customize their motorcycles. This is because motorcycles are easier to handle and can also be modified into different body styles. One motorcycle that some people have modified to their specifications used to be the Classic 500. The motorcycle was discontinued back in 2020, but it is still sought after as not many are sold in the market.

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April 14, 2023 at 10:49 am

This is a Royal Enfield Classic 500 converted by Eimor Customs. The shop says the motorcycle looks electrified now. Hence, they named it “Bijli”. The shop made a ton of cosmetic changes to make sure the motorcycle stood out. The motorcycle also has a small mechanical change.

The shop also changed the stance of the bike by stretching the rear wheel and fitting 15-inch rims and 140-section tires. The fuel tank is also new and has a capacity of 14 litres. The front fenders now have new brackets cut from thick sheet metal.

The only mechanical change to the motorcycle is a new exhaust system.

The only mechanical change to the motorcycle is a new exhaust system.

Tan seating adds a retro element. There is a split seat setup and the rear seats can be removed to make the motorcycle a single seater. Then there are the handles, which are also the same color as the seats. There’s a voltmeter on the left tool box, and the rear license plate has been relocated as well.

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Then there’s the motorcycle’s paint scheme. It’s finished in a three-tone paint scheme. Available in Grey, Black and Crimson. The motorcycle’s name is mentioned on the gas tank, and there’s a new instrument panel. Besides that, the lighting elements are also new and the shop has installed a Moto Torque amplifier exhaust.

First published date: April 14, 2023 at 10:49 am IST

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