This Royal Enfield Bullet 350 pays homage to the Indian Army


Royal Enfield is the brand that has been associated with the Indian Army the longest. They started supplying motorcycles to the military in 1949. Royal Enfield is also popular when it comes to tuning motorcycles. This is mainly because the brand’s motorcycles are easy to handle and can be modified into different styles. This is a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 modified by Eimor Customs.

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February 24, 2023 at 12:39 am

The Bullet 350 was a throwback to the age of the cast iron engine. The client was an army officer who wanted to add personality to his motorcycle. The Bullet 350 needed a complete restoration and the tuning shop made some improvements to the bike.

The motorcycle has an army green color scheme. It goes well with blacked out elements. For example, the engine casing, shock absorbers, engine guard, handlebars, mirrors, seats and exhaust are all blacked out. There are also alloy wheels with treaded tires. That means tubeless tires.

There are no mechanical changes to the engine.

There are no mechanical changes to the engine.

Eimor Customs also installed an aftermarket LED headlight with five stars embedded in it. Army logos on the fuel tank and side panels complement the paint scheme. The ribbed seats seem to be more comfortable than the stock ones, and they look nicer too.

Then came the enhancements, with Eimor Customs adding disc brakes for better stopping power. There are also new shock absorbers, so the ride quality should be better. The fenders on the motorcycle are also new.

There are no mechanical changes to the motorcycle’s engine. It was still a 346 cc single cylinder engine. However, there is a new exhaust. Overall, the motorcycle is still considered a Royal Enfield Bullet, retaining its vintage charm and iconic look, but now with some subtle modifications.

First published date: Feb 24, 2023 at 12:39pm CST

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