This tiny electric car from Israel has a 180km range, perfect for congested India

In global cities where space crunch is a very real issue, bigger is not necessarily better in the context of individual mobility choices. While scooters and bikes do offer the convenience of maneuvering around tight curves, comfort and safety take a backseat. But that’s exactly what Israeli electric vehicle (EV) startup City Transformer aims to solve.

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January 30, 2023 at 10:03 am

The City Transformer CT-2 can accommodate a driver and a driver, or he or she can carry cargo. (via Reuters)

City Transformer showed off a small city electric car called the CT-2, and claimed that while its battery power makes it emission-free, it’s also nimble enough to handle city traffic, and its small proportions make it a good choice for crowded parking spaces. Ideal choice. Measuring just 1 meter wide – for reference, the Tiago EV is 1.66 meters wide – the City Transformer CT-2 is narrow enough to fit in most alleys and alleys. The company further claims that four of these units can fit into the parking space occupied by a conventional vehicle. “Do people like you and I need to drive a two-ton car with a 600-kilogram battery in a city?” Reuters quoted CEO Asaf Formoza as saying. “The B (small car) segment is disappearing as automakers build more SUVs, so we and others will be looking to fill a huge void.”

At 450kg, the CT-2 is even lighter than the Tata Nano.

At 450kg, the CT-2 is even lighter than the Tata Nano. (via Reuters)

Clearly, the City Transformer CT-2 is not a family car. At best, it can accommodate a driver and a passenger, or for a last-mile delivery option. This is where it might really excel. The EV weighs just 450kg, less than the battery weight of some of the world’s high-end EVs, but still offers a range of 180km. In performance mode, it can also reach a top speed of 90 km/h.

City Transformer hopes to bring the model into series production from its factory base in Western Europe at some point in late 2024. The search for a location is ongoing.The company is reportedly looking to target the European market first, and speculates that the CT-2 could start at around $16,000 or around ¥1.3 million. This could be lowered if the company is able to secure subsidies for its customers. But should compact EVs like the City Transformer CT-2 also make their way to India, which currently has the world’s third-largest auto industry?

First published date: Jan 30, 2023, 10:03am CST

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