This Toyota bZ compact SUV concept could be a good EV deal; breaks cover in LA

Toyota took the opportunity to reveal its bZ compact SUV concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which heralds a small crossover for the brand’s growing lineup of electric vehicles. It’s part of the Japanese automaker’s strategy to focus on electrification at the auto extravaganza, which also brought the new fifth-generation Toyota Prius into the limelight immediately after its unveiling. The design of the Toyota bZ concept car has also been featured in the brand’s other modern models.

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November 17, 2022 at 09:59 am

The Toyota bZ compact SUV concept has sharp styling.

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Talking about the design of the new Toyota bZ compact SUV concept, it has heavy creases and a sculpted look. On the front profile, the car features Toyota’s new signature lights, which also appear on the new Toyota Prius. There are bracket-shaped lights on each side of the car and a lighting strip across the nose. The overall design of the front face is domineering and avant-garde, and the outer edges and corners of the lower edge are prominent. It also has shorter overhangs to focus on compactness.

The roof has thin lines on the windshield and front doors. However, the roofline gets thicker at the rear. The third brake light is part of the rear wing at the top of the roof. This styling philosophy could also find its way into the production model. Among other design elements, the car has pronounced creases along the sides, while the front door handles sit flush with the body. The rear door handles have been moved to the pillars, a design concept adopted by several automakers in recent times. Talking about the rear profile of the concept car, the rear slopes down and forms a sharp point. LED taillights feature a wraparound look. There’s a prominent diffuser that occupies the lower portion of the rear profile.

Entering the interior, the Toyota bZ compact SUV adopts a minimalist style, which not only increases practicality but also pays attention to the aesthetic feeling of the appearance. There’s a wide octagonal steering wheel that grabs attention at first glance. The instrument cluster rises from the dash, similar to the bZ4X and the new Prius. In the center of the cabin is the touchscreen infotainment system with a couple of capacitive buttons below it. Toyota provides the drive selector in the form of a simple column of buttons located at the bottom of the center console.

Not only the design, the Toyota bZ compact SUV concept is also packed with technology. Toyota claims the car is equipped with an artificial intelligence assistant called Yui, which can be used via voice commands. The system responds with audio and visual lighting cues that move around the cabin.

Styling cues from the Toyota bZ Concept enhance its appeal. However, powertrain details remain a mystery for the brand. Interestingly, this could be one of five models in Toyota’s bZ model family. The automaker has already started selling the bZ4X, while the bZ3 is destined for the Chinese market.

First published date: Nov 17, 2022 at 09:59 AM CST

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