This Triangle Bike Is the Weirdest Invention on the Internet Lately


Bicycle, car or bike, they all move because they have round wheels. What if that shape changes? Can the vehicle still move? A YouTube channel called The Q has reinvented the bicycle wheel, and it’s not the first time they’ve done it. This time, they came up with triangular wheels that really work.

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May 30, 2023 at 14:51 pm

Wooden wheel frames have been used instead of metal frames to make such wheel structures. (Q/YouTube)

To make these unique tires, the guys from the channel use a wooden wheel frame instead of a metal frame for the wheel structure, and then nail bicycle tires to it. Then attach traditional bearings, hubs and disc brakes to the wooden wheels.

Although the wheels turn to make the cycle move, everything is not as smooth as one might imagine. The triangular wheels constantly change the height of the axle, bouncing up and down as the axle moves forward. That could translate into a tough ride, but The Q’s masterminds have an ingenious solution to that, too. They have a pair of flat roller sections mounted on the bike above each wheel. Each one forces the wheel to flex below that ceiling.

Then there’s a suspension system that allows the axle to change height depending on the orientation of the wheel without transferring bounce to the main frame section of the bike. The Q version also shared a short video of the little brother riding a triangular wheeled bicycle.

Q had earlier experimented with a bike with square wheels. The channel uploaded a video of a bike being modified to modify its wheels. One notable change on the bike is that instead of a traditional bike that sends power from the crank to the center of the rear wheel through a chain, the modified machine sends power from the crank to two other gears before pedaling and turning the outer gear on the tread superior.

First published date: May 30, 2023 at 14:51 PM CST

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