Thoemus AG | Mathias Flückiger wins UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

Switzerland’s Mathias Flückiger clinched an early victory in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Finals at Snowshoe, USA.

The 32-year-old has won the most prestigious title in mountain biking for himself and his Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team, and this is his most successful season yet. Flückiger’s performance was unprecedented for a team that relied not on a global brand but on bikes from Swiss bike manufacturer Thömus.

Mathias Flückiger wins UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

Mathias Flückiger is overjoyed: “2021 is the most demanding season for me physically and mentally. This year I have been on the podium in every race. Especially the silver medals at the Olympics and the World Championships show that I have reached the top of the world. I have always The most consistent driver of the season. That’s why winning the World Cup overall is well deserved and makes me very proud.”

Meticulous work and close cooperation with bicycle manufacturers are the reasons for success
Team Manager Ralph Näf added: “This year the meticulous work of the entire team has paid off. Particularly in terms of materials, we see great advantages in working closely with Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus. This allows us to positively influence the development of the race car and to Adapt them to Math’s riding style.”

There is also joy in Oberried, where Thömus has been producing bikes and supporting racing for 30 years. CEO Thomas Binggeli says: “Together with Mathias Flückiger we developed the Lightrider, the best mountain bike Thömus has ever produced, in terms of agility, weight and speed. We are very proud of Math!”

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