Tork Motors to showcase new electric motorcycle and updated Kratos R at Auto Expo

Tork Motors announced that they will be showcasing a new electric motorcycle at the 2023 Auto Expo. Alongside the new motorcycle, an updated Kratos R will also be on display at the expo. The manufacturer says the 2023 Kratos R will feature a new and improved aesthetic. As of now, nothing is known about the new electric motorcycle, nor the 2023 Kratos R.

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December 29, 2022 at 18:42 pm

As of now, Kratos has two electric motorcycles in its lineup.

The Kratos was Tork Motors’ first motorcycle. Mr. Kapil Shelke, Founder and CEO of Tork Motors, said: “The Kratos is just the beginning of a new era of electric motorcycles. With a complete product portfolio that is based on our uniquely developed motorcycle platform. With the launch of KRATOS we have created a benchmark product and that is just the beginning. We intend to replace our benchmark every step of the way We are delighted to present the new generation of homegrown products at Auto Expo 2023. KRATOS motorcycles have won over customers and we hope our new advancements will also be appreciated among more and more customers in India.”

Tork Motors claims a range of 180 kilometers.

Tork Motors claims a range of 180 kilometers.

Tork Motors currently has two products, the Kratos and the Kratos R. The electric motorcycle is powered by Axial Flux Motor.The price of an electric motorcycle is ¥132,000 and 147,000 respectively. These prices are ex-showroom prices after Maharashtra subsidy applicable from 1st January 2023. Consumers can pre-order the Kratos and Kratos R by visiting Tork Motor’s website.

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The Tork Kratos Electric Bike uses an IP67 rated 4 Kwh Li-ion battery pack with a system voltage of 48V. It has an IDC range of 180 km and an actual range of 120 km. It is rated for a top speed of 100 km/h. It uses an axial flux-type motor with a maximum power of 7.5 kW and a peak torque output of 28 Nm. According to the company, the 0-40 kmph acceleration time is 4 seconds. Compared to the standard model, the higher-spec Kratos R features a more powerful electric motor delivering 9.0 kW of peak power and 38 Nm of peak torque, as well as a higher top speed of 105 kmph. Plus, it has some connectivity-based features and fast charging.

First published date: December 29, 2022 at 18:42 PM CST

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