Volkswagen ID card. 2all concept previews affordable electric car

Volkswagen revealed a electric concept car Preview the new production model – due in 2025.

Makes a bold statement about compact ID. 2all, will enter the EV range below Volkswagen’s existing ID. 3 hatchbacks.

Most notably the promise starting price Prices start at less than €25,000 (£22,000), with a range of up to 450 kilometers (280 miles).

power to the people

Volkswagen ID 2all concept car

Under the body of the concept car is Volkswagen’s first electric ID using a front-wheel drive layout. Model.

Dubbed MEB Entry, the new platform will mount the electric motor up front and the engine will be in a traditional subcompact engine. Short front and rear overhangs, combined with a long wheelbase, create a spacious interior for a car of the same size as the VW Polo.

ID card. The 2all concept has a 226hp electric motor and is said to be capable of 0-62mph in less than seven seconds.

fast charging means battery can be replenished From 10 percent to 80 percent in 20 minutes, though there’s no word on the concept’s battery size.

tribute to volkswagen old

Volkswagen ID 2all concept car

In addition to previewing the use of front-wheel drive in electric vehicles, ID. 2all also revealed a new design language for Volkswagen. The concept was created by Andreas Mindt, who took over as head of Volkswagen Design last month.

Mindt is responsible for the seventh-generation VW Golf, which might explain why the ID. 2 looks familiar. He says the new design is about “transferring the DNA of our icons into the future. ID. So, 2all is also a tribute to the Beatles, golf and polo.”

For example, the shape of the C-pillar was inspired by Original Mk1 Volkswagen Golf.

The style of the ID. 2all is shaped by “three pillars of stability, popularity and excitement,” Mindt said. These ideas will also underpin the aesthetics of future Volkswagen models.

bright interior

Volkswagen ID 2all concept car

Volkswagen seems to have heeded the many complaints about its current infotainment system, like ID. The 2all has a new 12.9-inch multimedia touchscreen. It has an updated menu structure and, most importantly, the air conditioning has individual lighting controls.

Steering wheel controls have been simplified to just two thumbwheels, no tactile touch-sensitive buttons in sight…

Smartphone charging is a critical part of ID. 2all’s interior, there are two wireless charging pads on the center console. Both of these, as well as the charger in the seatback, use magnets to hold the device in place.

Boot space is an impressive 440 liters, with a further 50 liters of space available in storage compartments under the rear bench seat. With the rear seats down, total luggage capacity is 1,339 liters.

10 new electric cars to launch by 2026

Volkswagen ID 2all concept car

The production version of the ID. The 2all should arrive in showrooms by 2025 and is a key part of Volkswagen’s plan to increase its electrified offering.

The company will launch 10 new electric vehicles by 2026 as it looks to capture 80% of the EV market. Doing so would allow VW to have the widest range of electric vehicles on the market.

ID card below. 2all, Volkswagen is also aiming to create a small electric car with a starting price of just €20,000 (£17,500).

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Volkswagen ID. 2all concept previews affordable electric car

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