Volkswagen will launch this electric car in 2025, it will come in a variety of body styles

Volkswagen is preparing to launch a broad electric vehicle offensive, which will include a variety of electric vehicles in different fields. One of the key vehicles will be the automaker’s upcoming ID.2 entry-level electric car. British car publication Autocar UK claims the EV will take on a hatchback incarnation, while there will also be a compact crossover iteration. More interestingly, this EV will be available in an R-badged performance-focused variant with AWD and producing over 300 peak horsepower.

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March 6, 2023 at 14:54 pm

Volkswagen plans to launch the ID.1 and ID.2 entry-level electric cars by 2025.

The report says the VW ID.2 will arrive in the second half of 2025, with an R-badged version of it set to compete as a baby hot hatch against the likes of the Abarth 500e. It will be one of several electric cars bearing the VW R badge currently in development at the automaker. Interestingly, the German car brand previously confirmed that every new R product will be fully electric by 2030.

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The report further claims that the VW ID.2 will have a rugged crossover variant. This will likely replace the currently discontinued ID Life. The automaker could use the electric crossover as a replacement for the T-Cross and T-Roc, which are currently very popular in the European market and come with internal combustion engines. It will be launched with a hatchback version. However, the report did not disclose details of the upcoming pure electric vehicle or its specifications.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Volkswagen sold 118,000 electrified vehicles worldwide, setting a new record for the German brand. In 2022, Volkswagen’s total electric vehicle production will exceed 300,000 vehicles. The best seller is ID.4/ID.5 with 193,200 delivered in 2022. The ID.3 hatchback (not sold in the US) had 76,600 sales. China-exclusive models, such as the ID.6, accounted for the remaining deliveries, the report said.

First published date: March 6, 2023 at 14:54 PM CST

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