Volkswagen’s best-selling SUV, the Tiguan, is getting an EV version soon

Volkswagen plans to electrify its popular SUV, the Tiguan. The German automaker has confirmed that an electric incarnation of its best-selling SUV is in the works and is expected to go into production within the next three years. Reuters quoted a Volkswagen official as saying he confirmed this in talks with workers. The automaker will produce an electric SUV similar to the Tiguan, she said.

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February 17, 2023 at 12:25 am

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will produce a new Tiguan-like electric SUV by 2026.

The VW Tiguan is likely to be called the ID. Tiguan. ID card. The badge is used on all electric vehicles produced by the German automaker. The Tiguan is currently sold as an ICE SUV in global markets, including India.

Officially, the electric Tiguan SUV will be based on the automaker’s MEB-Plus platform. The electric Tiguan is likely to be part of the automaker’s Trinity project and will be built at its factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. The plant is also home to other Volkswagens such as the Golf, Touran and Seat Tarraco. Volkswagen usually builds electric cars at the Zwickau plant.

Oliver Blume, who takes over as Volkswagen CEO after Herbert Diess, also confirmed the development. During a meeting with Volkswagen workers, he said: “The Golf is an icon – a whole generation has been named after it. That’s why we also want to bring vehicles like the Golf and Tiguan into the electric age.”

Volkswagen has yet to reveal any details about its upcoming Tiguan electric SUV. Reuters had earlier reported that the electric SUV would help electrify the Wolfsburg plant and take advantage of additional capacity before production of the Trinity electric sedan begins. As such, the Tiguan electric SUV is expected to play a key role in Volkswagen’s flagship Trinity EV project. It was originally planned to launch in 2026, but was delayed due to software issues. The electric Tiguan is expected to fill that void.

First published date: Feb 17, 2023 at 12:25pm CST

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