VW ID.7 final teaser shows off its cabin, debuts today

Volkswagen will unveil its much-anticipated electric sedan, the ID.7, on April 17. Just ahead of its official debut, the German automaker released an online teaser that gives us a peek inside the cabin of the VW ID.7 electric sedan. The 15-second teaser video shows us what’s inside the EV’s cabin.

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April 17, 2023 at 09:12 am

The Volkswagen ID.7 joins the automaker’s ID electric car range.

The teaser video begins with a door plate showing the ID.7’s ambient lighting that runs through the dashboard. The EV’s Harman Kardon built-in audio system has also been shown off via a teaser video. The video also shows a gear selector behind the steering wheel, similar to the one on the VW ID.4.

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The main attraction inside the electric sedan’s cabin is the giant infotainment screen that displays various information about the vehicle. Information displayed on the screen includes battery charging, seat ventilation/heating, and navigation. The ID.7 production model continues the smart air vent first shown off at this year’s CES. These are also shown in the teaser video.

Other features shown in the teaser video for the VW ID.7 include sunroof controls, an SOS button, accelerator and brake pedal with play and pause icons. The rest of the video shows a wide-angle shot of the EV’s interior, showing the ID nomenclature on the light-themed seatbacks.

Volkswagen has been booming to become the world’s number one electric vehicle brand in the coming years. The automaker is already expected to beat Tesla to the top spot in the global electric vehicle market. While the German auto giant plans to launch a range of electric vehicles across different body style segments, the ID.7 sedan is one of the key models.

First published date: April 17, 2023 at 09:12 AM CST


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