WATCH: This Ferrari-like hovercraft is all the rage on the road and stunning on the water

Ever wanted a car that could also wade through waterways at will? Well, say hello to the Arosa electric hovercraft, which bills itself as a three-seater wonder machine that can handle both ordinary surfaces and water. Developed by Maryland-based VonMecier and debuting at the 2023 DC Auto Show in January, the Arosa will be available to interested buyers later this year.

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March 31, 2023 at 12:16 am

From blue and red to more, the Arosa hovercraft will be available in a variety of body color options. (von Mercier)

The Arosa electric hovercraft bills itself as a vehicle capable of handling people on all terrains – from grass, snow and ice to shore and even water. It has a 400V battery and a three-motor setup with a maximum power of 240 horsepower. While it can cruise at 32 km/h, the Arosa has a top speed of 80 km/h. Now while that may be a far cry from the high speeds of the Ferrari cars that seem to inspire its design, no Ferrari can claim to be a multi-terrain predator like the Arosa.

It’s about 4,876mm long – longer than a Toyota Fortuner, and for reference, the Arosa is 2,377mm wide and 1,447mm tall. It is capable of hovering at a height of up to 203mm and can run on battery power for up to about three hours. The battery itself can be recharged in about three to six hours using a conventional EV charging point. Once fully charged, the company claims the Arosa has a range of approximately 130 kilometers.

In terms of pure design, the Arosa has a low body profile and side thrust air intakes. There’s a clear marine inspiration here, with side decks and an open cockpit. The body and hull are molded from carbon fibre, with a payload of around 225kg. Since it’s battery powered, it also claims to be one of the quietest hoverboards around. Of course, all of this means it’s not exactly affordable either.Once officially available for purchase, the price tag will start at £162,000 or around ¥1.65 million.

First published date: March 31, 2023 at 12:16pm CST

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