World Environment Week: Get up to Rs 50,000 off on Matter Aera e-bikes

Ahmedabad-based electric vehicle maker Matter announced on Tuesday that it will supply up to ¥50,000 during World Environment Week.This offer includes price discount value ¥Matter Care package worth 30,000 and a gift ¥20,000. The offer will run until June 5th, World Environment Day.

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Written by: Deepika Agrawal
Updated on:
May 30, 2023 at 16:48 pm

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Matter Aera 5000 and 5000 Plus prices will increase following this announcement ¥30,000 as the company will incorporate amendments made in the FAME II subsidy.From June 6th, Aera 5000 pricing will be ¥1,73,999 and the Aera 5000 Plus is priced at ¥1,83,999. So those who pre-order the e-bike before June 5 will get it at the old price.

Customers can also pre-order their Aera e-bikes for a nominal nominal fee during the promotion period ¥999. Bikes can be booked from all over the country through the company’s websites, Flipkart and OtoCapital. Deliveries will start this September.

The Matter Aera is the first shift e-bike in the country to feature a four-speed ultra-variable gear. The company claims it can save 25 paise per kilometer by going from 0 to 60 km/h in under 6 seconds. The bike features a liquid-cooled battery and powertrain, which aids in thermal management and improves battery and powertrain performance and longevity.

The e-bike uses a 5-amp on-board charging system and can travel up to 125 kilometers on a single charge. Riders benefit from Internet-enabled connectivity and a 7-inch touchscreen. Founder and Group CEO Mohal Lalbhai said: “Green mobility will play a key role in helping India achieve its net-zero target, setting new benchmarks and demonstrating how technology can enable efficient services and solutions.”

First published date: May 30, 2023 at 16:27 PM CST

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