World EV Day: These are the four electric scooters you can take on highways


The electric vehicle industry in India has been growing at a fast pace and at the forefront of this electric revolution are the electric two-wheelers. The segment is majorly dominated by electric scooters, including both premium high-speed and low-speed models. Over the last few years, several EV startups and legacy players have launched a plethora of electric two-wheelers in India and many of them have become widely popular.

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| Updated on: 07 Sep 2023, 11:57 AM

Electric scooters are not best fit for highway riding but these four models can be considered for that, if required.

When we talk about electric vehicles, range anxiety is a pertinent topic and electric scooters especially are not suitable for running on highways, unlike their internal combustion engine-powered counterparts. However, there are a couple of electric scooters that can be taken on the highways if you want to.

Here are a couple of premium electric scooters that can be taken on highways.

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Ola S1 Pro

One of the most popular electric scooters in India, the Ola S1 Pro comes as a stylish and feature-packed EV. Priced at around 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom), the Ola S1 Pro promises an 181 km range, which in reality can be around 150 km depending on riding conditions. Powered by an 8.5 kW motor paired with a four-kilowatt-hour battery pack and with this range on offer, the Ola S1 Pro can be considered for taking on highways. The availability of fast charging options for this scooter and the growing fast charging network are something that helps in alleviating the range anxiety to some extent.

Simple One

Simple One comes as another premium electric scooter in India. Priced at 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom), the Simple One is an aggressive and sporty-looking electric scooter promising a 212 km range on a single charge. However, the true range would be significantly down but around 150 km, which makes it one of the electric scooters that can be taken on highways. Sprinting capability of 0-40 kmph in 2.77 seconds at a top speed of 105 kmph makes it an interesting EV.

Vida V1 Pro

Vida V1 Pro comes from the stable of Hero MotoCorp, the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. Priced at 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom), the Vida V1 Pro comes under the two-wheeler manufacturer’s Vida brand, which has been dedicated formed for electric two-wheelers. The Vida V1 Pro claims to have a range of 165 km on a single charge thanks to a 3.94 kWh battery pack. However, the real-world range is around 100 km depending on riding behaviour and condition. This electric scooter comes with a top speed of 80 kmph.

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Ather 450X

Ather Energy has garnered pretty good attention from electric scooter buyers in India alongside Ola Electric. The Ather 450X sits at the top of the EV startup’s product portfolio and is available in two different battery pack options: 3.7 kWh and 2.9 kWh. The bigger battery promises a 150 km range, but the true range is 110 km on a single charge. It can run at a top speed of 90 kmph. Thanks to the sporty design and performance, the Ather 450X has become one of the most popular electric scooters in India in a short span and this can be considered for highway riding as well.

First Published Date: 07 Sep 2023, 11:57 AM IST

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