Zylpha Bundle Brings Clear Benefits to Maria Fogg Family Law

Maria Fogg Family Law chooses Zylpha Document Bundling to improve efficiency and compliance.

Maria Fogg Family Law, based in Liverpool, provides specialist family law services in childcare litigation (with local authority involvement), domestic abuse orders, divorce, separation, children matters, financial matters and estate matters. The firm offers legal assistance, flat fees, competitive office rates, phone and video appointments.

Andrea Fogg

Since its inception 9 years ago, the practice has developed a reputation as an approachable, friendly and well respected family law firm with excellent client service. At the heart of its high standards is the attention to detail and the quality of document management behind the hands-on operation. A key element here is the preparation of the documentation package. With courts now accepting online electronic legal document bundling, a rigorous evaluation of bundled software is scheduled to begin in early 2020.

Maria Fogg Family Law selected Zylpha’s electronic binding because it met all important requirements. As Director Andrea Fogg puts it, “We needed a cost-effective document bundling solution that would work with our LEAP case management system and be easy to install and use. Zylpha stood out because it has proven LEAP integration and It can deliver fully court-compliant bundles in a fraction of the time it takes to generate bundles manually. They are also easier to update and maintain once they are in electronic format. Judging from our extensive use of Zylpha’s software , we’re very pleased with the company’s claim to typically save 80% of their time. Even better, while the system is capable of handling the most complex bundling needs, it’s accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means we You only pay for the exact number of bundles you actually use. Getting started quickly to reap these benefits is simple, too, as the software is backed by comprehensive “how-to” training videos and free “eLearn” guides. Plus, in our partnership with We were very impressed with the friendliness and quick response time of the customer service team when contacted. They have a wealth of knowledge which is a great asset to keep at hand.”

By saving significant time, Zylpha provided Maria Fogg Family Law with a clear and significant efficiency advantage. Crucially, this is extra time that can be spent with clinic clients. There are other obvious benefits, including a significant reduction in physical stationery and storage costs. But most importantly, using Zylpha also has an important safety bonus.

Andrea Fogg continues, “Whenever someone sends a file using Zylpha, we can be confident knowing that they are protected by the latest encryption and system security. And it’s faster and more reliable than postal or courier services. In that regard, the software A real game changer, too. Couple that with the significant efficiency advantages and it’s easy to see why Zylpha is so popular in the legal world right now. In fact, it’s perfect for practices of all sizes because it can be tailored to your specific needs to be expanded. Overall, we have to say that Zylpha is a great tool and we would highly recommend it.”

David Chapman, Head of Marketing at Zylpha, welcomed Andrea’s comments, adding: “We are very impressed with the high standards that Maria Fogg Family Law maintains. It is also clear that they go the extra mile for their clients in delivering exceptional service. So, naturally, we are delighted to have been selected by them to provide court-compliant electronic document bundling, and we look forward to working closely with the practice and supporting the excellent work they are doing.”

Looking ahead, Andrea Fogg sees real potential for additional revenue, commenting: “We are certainly interested in exploring other ways in which Zylpha’s software can change our practice – especially as the ultimate beneficiaries will be our customers. To this end , we are delighted to have such a close relationship with the company and look forward to continuing our relationship with them further.”

About Zylpha www.zylpha.com
Based in Southampton, Zylpha is an innovative specialist providing tools to the legal industry including:

  • Secure electronic document production and delivery.
  • Court tied.
  • Integrate with MOJ Portal and Land Registry Business Gateway.
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Verification Agency Links.

Founded by its CEO Tim Long, the company has won wide acclaim in the legal and local government sectors for its systems that have transformed secure communications in court and case management bundles.

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